Instruction Manual


1. Frequency range: 170-240Mhz,470-862Mhz

2. VSWR: 2.0: 1

3. Impedance: 75Ω

4. LAN gain: 25dB(with amplifier)/5dB(without amplifier)

5. Connector: F Male/IEC male or customized

6. Cable: 1.5C2V cable

7. Cable length: 3M or customized

8. Polarization: Vertical/Linear

9. Operation temperature: -45~85℃

10. Storage temperature: -45~85℃

11. Receiving range: VHF/UHF

How to use the antenna to get more channels?

Antenna installation and adjustment method:

Place the leaf in a desired location.

►The antenna plug into the power supply, confirm the power indicator light is bright, ensure the antenna power supply is normal.

►Assembled antenna, the wire connection between tuner and set-top box.Turn on the TV and set-top boxes switch, according to the instructions on the remote control,  turn on the TV menu page.

►Confirm the signal quality and signal strength and then slowly rotate the angle of the antenna.The rotating antenna signal intensity reached the highest.

► Confirm your television menu can search all the TV programs.

► When the TV programs are very clear, you can put the leaf fixed. Then just enjoy your HD TV programs for free.

► Suitable position for installing the antenna:

Question: How to confirm that the antenna is working Properly?

Answer: According to the diagram wiring and assembly. It needs to connect the power with the amplifier antenna, confirm the light is bright and then connect with the tuner. If not with amplifier you can directly connect antenna tuner and then make sure there is signal inputting.

Question: How to install?

Answer: You should put the antenna leaves in desired position or paste it on window glass. Turn on the TV to search channel and confirm the screen is clear. And also, haven’t splash screen and interrupted Phenomenon. Finally, you only tear off the 3M glue to fix antenna.

Question: How do you do when the signal is not good?

Answer: If you are using without amplifier antenna before, you could choose the high gain antenna with amplifier.

That you need to inspect the antenna whether to normal power supply. When power indicating lamp lighting you should adjust the aerial’s position and direction for the best reception, then research the channel.

Question: How do you do when the antenna indicator light is not bright?

Answer: If the light does not shine, please check whether the power is loosening, the plug is not inserted or stuck wrongly.


Keep away from some appliances that use resistive load such as following:

Electronic oven/Heater/Electric cooker/Electric microwave/electric blanket and so on.