Electricity Saving Device

The new gadget, digital and powerful, to saves energy efficiently and safely.


Stabilizes the voltage

Balancing the current source

Protects the devices connected to the electric current

Stylish design with LED lights to indicate operation

Extending the life of electrical devices

Easy to use and maintenance free

Saving electricity means saving money!


Rated voltage: Bi-volt

Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Dimensions: 7x12x3.5 cm / 2.8x4.9x1.5 '(W x H x D)

Color: gray Silver and black

How it works:

It saves energy and reduces the electrical waste by stabilizing the voltage which in turn results in peak power demand reductions. High energy-efficient, energy-saving, which is stored and recycled by the unit.

Package Content:


Note: this device is not designed to carry heavy or monthly consumption higher than 28000kwh