A - Reservoir

B - Maximum fill line

C - Tube

D - Button

E - Pump housing

F - Nozzle

Super Easy to Use:

easy to install in sinks

easy to use ... snap on / off in one second

easy to adjust temperature & pressure

easy to carry on trips

safe to use with water pressure


This oral irrigator uses a penetrating jet of water to clean the spaces between the teeth and to reach hard-to-reach places with conventional brushes. It will also massage the gums. Regular irrigation will help in the prevention of gum disease and improve your oral hygiene. Always use the sprinkler after brushing your teeth. Please read these instructions carefully before first use.

model: manual

Color: White / Blue

capacity: 40 ml

Package size: 22 cm * 4.5 cm * 2.8 cm

Important: Before using Ultrabrush 360, prepare your dental water jet

Disconnect the reservoir and submerge the pump box, the tube and the nozzle completely in the water stream. Press the button for at least 60 seconds until the bubble starts. Then remove the nozzle end of the water and press the button to ensure that the unit is working properly and has a constant jet flow.

Filling your UltraBrush 360

1. Holding the Ultrabrush 360 dental water jet vertically, gently twist the reservoir counterclockwise and detach from the pump housing.

2. Fill the reservoir to or below the maximum filling line on the UltraBrush with water or your choice of mouthwash. Note: Use mouthwash only with the same consistency as water.

3. Replace the pump housing by inserting it into the reservoir and twisting gently clockwise to lock in place.

4. To clean between the teeth: Position the Nozzle against the teeth at the gum line, close your mouth around the Nozzle and press the button. Use on the front and the black of teeth for optimal results and continue as long as Required.

5. To clean bridges, appliances, implants, or other appliances: Position the Nozzle under the bridge or appliance, and press the button. For best results, irrigate each location from more than one angle whenever possible.

Taking Care of Your UltraBrush

1. After each use, empty the Reservoir and press the button to remove the remaining water of the unit.

2. For hygienic reasons, do not share your UltraBrush.

3. Store your UltraBrush in a safe place and ensure that the Nozzle can not be damaged.

4. When traveling, store the UltraBrush Nozzle in the reservoir.

Using Your UltraBrush

1. Position your thumb as shown in diagram on the button.

2. Always keep your UltraBrush upright during use to ensure a constant jet stream.

3. Press the button several times until the liquid stays at a steady flow. You can adjust the speed and volume of the flow by varying the force you apply on the button. For best results, try using different pressures and varying the angle of the UltraBrush by moving it through your mouth.

Cleaning Your UltraBrush

After use, empty the reservoir and press the button to remove the remaining flank of the unit. Rinse the UlraBrush thoroughly with warm water and wipe.