In order to achieve the effect of removing marks regardless of paint color, the use of nano special micro-dissolving technology can break down scratches and paint molecules with polyester fiber cloth through the friction coefficient of micro-metal powder.
How to Use:
1. Repair cloth mainly for minor paint surface treatment such as nail marks, shallow scratches. Do not apply for longer than a few minutes as it can also have a certain effect of desalination!
2. Before and after using repair cloth, clean the surface. Just wipe it over the scratched surface until the damage disappears!
3. This repair cloth can be used repeatedly. Polishing with a dry cloth can restore the original luster!
4. If the repair cloth falls on the ground, do not use it to avoid new scratches due to dirt and sand particles. It can not be washed, if you feel that the repair cloth is too dry, you can spray some water while using it.
Metal - Do not use on electroplated metal. For all other metals, wipe the small areas with a clean, dry cloth.
Cars, Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Motorcycles.
Polish the metal surface with a cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth.
Examples: chrome decoration, stacking, cans, rings, etc. This cloth can turn black due to oxidation and removal of dirt and stains into new shine.
Do not use it where the paint is clear.
Before using it, make sure to test compatibility on small points.
After using it, return the cloth to a plastic bag to protect from dirt.
External Testing Certification: CE.
  • Item Length: 15cm.
  • Item Diameter: 0cm.
  • Item Height: 0.1cm.
  • Item Width: 11cm.
  • Item Weight: 0.02kg.
  • Material Type: Nano cloth.
  • Model Name: SD-1917.

Special Features: Car Scratch Repair.